Premier show of Punjabi movie ‘Rakhe Harimander De’ remind history

Screening of Punjabi film ‘Rakhe Harimander De’ has been done in Mohali Shivalik public school on 14th of October.
With the screening of its theatrical trailer, Virasat Films & Punj-aab Creation on Tuesday gave a sneak peak into their Punjabi film, Rakhe Harimander De. Although being presented as a devotional film, this piece of cinema, with plenty of action, elaborate sets, special effects and rousing dialogues came across as a historical film.

Screening of Punjabi film ‘Rakhe Harimander De

Director Gurcharan Virk and producers Jagpreet Singh and Balvir Singh said that the movie has elements of valour and religion woven with classic cinematography. Shot extensively in parts of Chandigarh and Rajasthan, it is based in 1740 and captures the execution of Chaudhury Massa Rangarh of Mandiala whom the governor of Lahore had appointed as the in charge of the Harmander Sahib. According to history, Massa Rangarh did not allow Sikhs to visit Harimander Sahib or to take a dip in the holy waters of its sarovar. “He instead desecrated the sanctity of the holy place by getting dancers, drinking alcohol and smoking hookah inside the Harminder Sahib,” says the director.

The story, screenplay, dialogues and lyrics of the movie have been written by Film Focus Team. Flanked by artists Narinder Pal Singh, Neena, Jarnail Singh and Satwant Bal, Virk added that it was Balaka Singh who broke this news to a band of Khalsa warriors in the deserts of Rajasthan. “Balaka Singh narrated stories to the congregation of Sikhs. After listening, Sardar Mehtab Singh and Sardar Sukha Singh volunteered to bring Massa Rangarh’s head back to Rajasthan. Both disguised as Chaudhary and entered the city. Claiming to bring revenue to Amritsar, they filled up bags of broken pottery pieces and made them look as if they are full of coins,” he added.

Star Cast

Narinder Pal Singh Neena, Jarnail Singh, Sukhbir, Sudesh Sharma , Sanju Solanki, Sunny Gill, Dilawar Sidhu, Jasmine Gulati, Sunny Sandhu, Ramesh Bhardwaj and Satwant Bal. K Sunil

Producer: Jagpreet Singh & Balbir singh.
Director : Gurcharan Virk
Executive Producer: Gurpreet Singh(Giani)
Action Director: Vishal  & Satwant Bal
V.F.X:Janjot & Atvinder
Music : dilkush
Production : Kissan Production
Edit by : Saya films
Graphic Design :- Navjot Art
Media Partner : PunjabUp Films

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