Sippy Gill forgets apology, promoting 10 Mint song video

Mohali: Punjabi singer failed to honor his words as he continues of promote his offensive song 10 Mint video. Sippy Gill’s video song 10 Mint had triggered massive controversy over social media. People slammed Sippy Gill offensive video that was considered harmful for social values. Sippy Gill was also slammed for hurting feelings of Sikhs as goons were shown as making offensive announcements from a Sikh Gurdwara Sahib.

The social media networks especially the Facebook turned into war zone against Sippy Gill after release of 10 Mint song’s video.

Soon after the video of song 10 Mint was released by Speed Records music company, singer Sippy Gill received massive condemnation and opposition from various groups over social media. Sikh Voice, PunjabUpFilms, Charanamrit Art are to name a few networks who played leading role in triggering awareness against Sippy Gill’s offensive song-video.

Singer Sippy Gill first tried to defend himself and his song. He even went to launch personal attacks against his critics. He said that his song was for entertainment only and further that the song was aimed at relieving tensions of debt ridden Punjabi society.

A Screen Shot from Sippy Gill's Facebook Fans Page Wall
A Screen Shot from Sippy Gill’s Facebook Fans Page Wall

But when the opposition and criticism grew stronger than his expectations, Sippy Gill tendered apology through a post on his official Facebook Fans page. Controversial singer declared to take down the video of 10 mint song from the YouTube.

But the controversial singer has failed to honor his words. Video has not been removed from Speed Records’ YouTube Channel and Sippy Gill is engaged in promoting 10 mint song. He is sharing various videos on his page for the promotion of 10 mint song.

Many social groups and activists believe that vulgarity in Punjabi songs and offensive song-videos are a cause of concern as they tend to harm social values.