Jazzy B serves vulgarity with show of “Sikh Symbols”

Mohali 11 Dec 2014: Punjabi singers continue to trigger controversies as most of new ‘song video’ release contains objectionable contents.

After Diljit Dosanjh’s “Patiala Peg” and Sippy Gill’s “10 Mint”, Jazzy B’s new song video “Rise Above Hate” is caught in controversy.

Jazzy B’s song “Rise Above Hate” is believed to target another Punjabi singers, who had criticised Jazzy B some time ago. But this is not all about the song. Video of song Rise Above Hate is indecent. It’s mix of Jazzy B style, rap and nudity.

jazzy B serves vulgarity

Video of Rise Above Hate song features Jazzy B with another artist and a half-nude female model. Most controversial and objectionable part of video is that Jazzy B specifically shows up a golden “Khanda”. Khanda is a Sikh religious symbol it’s offensive to make it part of an indecent video.

Those who want to check/ watch/ listen Jazzy B’s  “Rise Above Hate” may  click here