Full List Of Winning & Loosing Candidate In Punjab Assembly Elections 2017

Chandigarh/Mohali 11 March 2017: Polling For Punjab Assembly elections were held on 4 Feb 2017. The counting of votes being carried out on 11 March 2017.Punjab, the Congress has managed to lead in over 70 seats, and looks set to comfortably form government. Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party, which exit polls predicted will be a close second, is lagging far behind at 27 seats. The Akalis have been decimated in Punjab and are leading in less than 20 seats.

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Bellow Full List Of Winning & Loosing Candidates

Winning and Leading Candidate
StateAC NameLeading CandidateLeading Party With SymbolTrailing CandidateTrailing Party With SymbolMarginStatus
Punjab1 – SujanpurDINESH SINGHBharatiya Janata PartyAMIT SINGHIndian National Congress18701Result Declared
Punjab2 – BhoaJOGINDER PALIndian National CongressSEEMA KUMARIBharatiya Janata Party27496Result Declared
Punjab3 – PathankotAMITIndian National CongressASHWANI KUMARBharatiya Janata Party11170Result Declared
Punjab4 – GurdaspurBARINDERMEET SINGH PAHRAIndian National CongressGURBACHAN SINGH BABEHALIShiromani Akali Dal28956Result Declared
Punjab5 – Dina NagarARUNA CHAUDHARYIndian National CongressBISHAN DASSBharatiya Janata Party31917Result Declared
Punjab6 – QadianFATEHJANG SINGH BAJWAIndian National CongressSEWA SINGHShiromani Akali Dal11737Result Declared
Punjab7 – BatalaLAKHBIR SINGH LODHINANGALShiromani Akali DalASHWANI SEKHRIIndian National Congress485Result Declared
Punjab8 – Sri HargobindpurBALWINDER SINGHIndian National CongressMANJIT SINGHShiromani Akali Dal18065Result Declared
Punjab9 – Fatehgarh ChurianTRIPT RAJINDER SINGH BAJWAIndian National CongressNIRMAL SINGH KAHLONShiromani Akali Dal1999Result Declared
Punjab10 – Dera Baba NanakSUKHJINDER SINGH RANDHAWAIndian National CongressSUCHA SINGH LANGAHShiromani Akali Dal1194Result Declared
Punjab11 – AjnalaHARPARTAP SINGHIndian National CongressAMARPAL SINGH BONY AJNALAShiromani Akali Dal18713Result Declared
Punjab12 – Raja SansiSUKHBINDER SINGH SARKARIAIndian National CongressVIR SINGH LOPOKEShiromani Akali Dal5727Result Declared
Punjab13 – MajithaBIKRAM SINGH MAJITHIAShiromani Akali DalSUKHJINDER RAJ SINGH (LALLI)Indian National Congress22884Result Declared
Punjab14 – JandialaSUKHWINDER SINGH DANNY BANDALAIndian National CongressDALBIR SINGHShiromani Akali Dal18422Result Declared
Punjab15 – Amritsar NorthSUNIL DUTTIIndian National CongressANIL JOSHIBharatiya Janata Party6497Counting in Progress
Punjab16 – Amritsar WestRAJ KUMAR VERKAIndian National CongressRAKESH GILLBharatiya Janata Party26847Result Declared
Punjab17 – Amritsar CentralOM PARKASH SONIIndian National CongressTARUN CHUGHBharatiya Janata Party21116Result Declared
Punjab18 – Amritsar EastNAVJOT SINGH SIDHUIndian National CongressRAJESH KUMAR HONEYBharatiya Janata Party42809Result Declared
Punjab19 – Amritsar SouthINDERBIR SINGH BOLARIAIndian National CongressINDERBIR SINGH NIJJARAam Aadmi Party22658Result Declared
Punjab20 – AttariTARSEM SINGH D.C.Indian National CongressGULZAR SINGH RANIKEShiromani Akali Dal10202Result Declared
Punjab21 – Tarn TaranDR. DHARAMBIR AGNIHOTRIIndian National CongressHARMEET SINGH SANDHUShiromani Akali Dal14629Result Declared
Punjab22 – Khem KaranSUKHPAL SINGH BHULLARIndian National CongressVIRSA SINGHShiromani Akali Dal19602Result Declared
Punjab23 – PattiHARMINDER SINGH GILLIndian National CongressADESH PARTAP SINGH KAIRONShiromani Akali Dal8363Result Declared
Punjab24 – Khadoor SahibRAMANJEET SINGH SAHOTA SIKKIIndian National CongressRAVINDER SINGH BRAHAMPURAShiromani Akali Dal17055Result Declared
Punjab25 – Baba BakalaSANTOKH SINGHIndian National CongressDALBIR SINGH TONGAam Aadmi Party6587Counting in Progress
Punjab26 – BholathSUKHPAL SINGH KHAIRAAam Aadmi PartyYUVRAJ BHUPINDER SINGHShiromani Akali Dal8202Result Declared
Punjab27 – KapurthalaRANA GURJIT SINGHIndian National CongressADVOCATE PARAMJIT SINGHShiromani Akali Dal28817Result Declared
Punjab28 – Sultanpur LodhiNAVTEJ SINGH CHEEMAIndian National CongressUPINDERJIT KAURShiromani Akali Dal8162Result Declared
Punjab29 – PhagwaraSOM PARKASHBharatiya Janata PartyJOGINDER SINGH MANNIndian National Congress2009Result Declared
Punjab30 – PhillaurBALDEV SINGH KHAIRAShiromani Akali DalVIKRAMJIT SINGH CHAUDHARYIndian National Congress3477Result Declared
Punjab31 – NakodarGURPRATAP SINGH WADALAShiromani Akali DalSARWAN SINGH HAYERAam Aadmi Party18407Result Declared
Punjab32 – ShahkotAJIT SINGH KOHARShiromani Akali DalHARDEV SINGH LADIIndian National Congress4905Result Declared
Punjab33 – KartarpurCHAUDHARY SURINDER SINGHIndian National CongressSETH SAT PAULShiromani Akali Dal6020Result Declared
Punjab34 – Jalandhar WestSUSHIL KUMAR RINKUIndian National CongressMAHINDER PAL BHAGATBharatiya Janata Party17334Result Declared
Punjab35 – Jalandhar CentralRAJINDER BERIIndian National CongressMANORANJAN KALIABharatiya Janata Party7723Counting in Progress
Punjab36 – Jalandhar NorthAVTAR SINGH JUNIORIndian National CongressK D BHANDARIBharatiya Janata Party32291Result Declared
Punjab37 – Jalandhar Cantt.PARGAT SINGH POWARIndian National CongressSARABJIT SINGH MAKKARShiromani Akali Dal29124Result Declared
Punjab38 – AdampurPAWAN KUMAR TINUShiromani Akali DalMOHINDER SINGH KAYPEEIndian National Congress7699Result Declared
Punjab39 – MukerianRAJNISH KUMAR BABBIIndian National CongressARUNESH KUMARBharatiya Janata Party23126Result Declared
Punjab40 – DasuyaARUN DOGRAIndian National CongressSUKHJIT KAURBharatiya Janata Party14786Counting in Progress
Punjab41 – UrmarSANGAT SINGH GILZIANIndian National CongressARBINDER SINGH RASULPURShiromani Akali Dal14954Result Declared
Punjab42 – Sham ChaurasiPAWAN KUMAR ADIAIndian National CongressDR. RAVJOT SINGHAam Aadmi Party3815Result Declared
Punjab43 – HoshiarpurSUNDER SHAM ARORAIndian National CongressTIKSHAN SUDBharatiya Janata Party11233Result Declared
Punjab44 – ChabbewalDR. RAJ KUMARIndian National CongressSOHAN SINGH THANDALShiromani Akali Dal29261Result Declared
Punjab45 – GarhshankarJAI KRISHANAam Aadmi PartySURINDER SINGH HEERShiromani Akali Dal1650Result Declared
Punjab46 – Banga (SC)SUKHWINDER KUMARShiromani Akali DalHARJOTAam Aadmi Party1893Result Declared
Punjab47 – NawanshahrANGAD SINGHIndian National CongressJARNAIL SINGH WAHIDShiromani Akali Dal3323Result Declared
Punjab48 – BalachaurDARSHAN LALIndian National CongressNAND LALShiromani Akali Dal19640Result Declared
Punjab49 – Anandpur SahibKANWAR PAL SINGHIndian National CongressDR. PARMINDER SHARMABharatiya Janata Party23881Result Declared
Punjab50 – RupnagarAMARJIT SINGH SANDOAAam Aadmi PartyBRINDER SINGH DHILLONIndian National Congress23707Result Declared
Punjab51 – Chamkaur SahibCHARANJIT SINGH CHANNIIndian National CongressCHARANJIT SINGHAam Aadmi Party12308Result Declared
Punjab52 – KhararKANWAR SANDHUAam Aadmi PartyJAGMOHAN SINGH KANGIndian National Congress2012Result Declared
Punjab53 – S.A.S.NagarBALBIR SINGH SIDHUIndian National CongressNARINDER SINGHAam Aadmi Party27873Result Declared
Punjab54 – Bassi PathanaGURPREET SINGHIndian National CongressSANTOKH SINGHAam Aadmi Party10046Result Declared
Punjab55 – Fatehgarh SahibKULJIT SINGH NAGRAIndian National CongressDIDAR SINGH BHATTIShiromani Akali Dal23867Result Declared
Punjab56 – AmlohRANDEEP SINGHIndian National CongressGURPREET SINGH RAJU KHANNAShiromani Akali Dal3946Result Declared
Punjab57 – KhannaGURKIRAT SINGH KOTLIIndian National CongressANIL DUTT PHALLYAam Aadmi Party20591Result Declared
Punjab58 – SamralaAMRIK SINGH DHILLONIndian National CongressSARBANS SINGH MANKIAam Aadmi Party11005Result Declared
Punjab59 – SahnewalSHARANJIT SINGH DHILLONShiromani Akali DalSATWINDER KAUR BITTIIndian National Congress4551Result Declared
Punjab60 – Ludhiana EastSANJEEV TALWARIndian National CongressDALJIT SINGH GREWAL (BHOLA)Aam Aadmi Party1581Result Declared
Punjab61 – Ludhiana SouthBALVINDER SINGH BAINSLok Insaaf PartyBHUPINDER SINGH SIDHUIndian National Congress30917Result Declared
Punjab62 – Atam NagarSIMARJEET SINGH BAINSLok Insaaf PartyKAMAL JIT SINGH KARWALIndian National Congress16913Result Declared
Punjab63 – Ludhiana CentralSURINDER KUMAR DAWARIndian National CongressGURDEV SHARMA DEBIBharatiya Janata Party20480Result Declared
Punjab64 – Ludhiana WestBHARAT BHUSHAN (ASHU)Indian National CongressAHBAAB SINGH GREWALAam Aadmi Party36521Result Declared
Punjab65 – Ludhiana NorthRAKESH PANDEYIndian National CongressPARVEEN BANSALBharatiya Janata Party5132Result Declared
Punjab66 – GillKULDEEP SINGH VAID(BULARA)Indian National CongressJIWAN SINGH SANGOWALAam Aadmi Party5762Counting in Progress
Punjab67 – PayalLAKHVIR SINGH LAKHAIndian National CongressGURPREET SINGH LAPRANAam Aadmi Party21496Result Declared
Punjab68 – DakhaHARVINDER SINGH PHOOLKAAam Aadmi PartyMANPREET SINGH AYALIShiromani Akali Dal4169Result Declared
Punjab69 – RaikotJAGTAR SINGH JAGGA HISSOWALAam Aadmi PartyAMAR SINGHIndian National Congress10614Result Declared
Punjab70 – JagraonSARAVJIT KAUR MANUKEAam Aadmi PartyMALKIT SINGH DAKHAIndian National Congress25576Result Declared
Punjab71 – Nihal SinghwalaMANJIT SINGHAam Aadmi PartyRAJWINDER KAURIndian National Congress27574Result Declared
Punjab72 – Bhagha PuranaDARSHAN SINGH BRARIndian National CongressGURBINDER SINGH KANGAam Aadmi Party7250Result Declared
Punjab73 – MogaHARJOT KAMAL SINGHIndian National CongressRAMESH GROVERAam Aadmi Party1764Result Declared
Punjab74 – DharamkotSUKHJIT SINGHIndian National CongressTOTA SINGHShiromani Akali Dal22218Result Declared
Punjab75 – ZiraKULBIR SINGHIndian National CongressHARI SINGH ZIRAShiromani Akali Dal23071Result Declared
Punjab76 – Firozpur CityPARMINDER SINGH PINKIIndian National CongressSUKHPAL SINGHBharatiya Janata Party29587Result Declared
Punjab77 – Firozpur RuralSATKAR KAURIndian National CongressJOGINDER SINGH JINDUShiromani Akali Dal21380Result Declared
Punjab78 – Guru Har SahaiGURMEET SINGH SODHIIndian National CongressVARDEV SINGHShiromani Akali Dal5677Counting in Progress
Punjab79 – JalalabadSUKHBIR SINGH BADALShiromani Akali DalBHAGWANT MANNAam Aadmi Party18500Result Declared
Punjab80 – FazilkaDAVINDER SINGH GHUBAYAIndian National CongressSURJIT KUMAR JYANIBharatiya Janata Party265Result Declared
Punjab81 – AboharARUN NARANGBharatiya Janata PartySUNIL JAKHARIndian National Congress3279Result Declared
Punjab82 – BalluanaNATHU RAMIndian National CongressPARKASH SINGH BHATTIShiromani Akali Dal4837Counting in Progress
Punjab83 – LambiPARKASH SINGHShiromani Akali DalAMARINDER SINGHIndian National Congress22770Result Declared
Punjab84 – GidderbahaAMRINDER SINGH @ RAJA WARRINGIndian National CongressHARDEEP SINGH @ DIMPY DHILLONShiromani Akali Dal16212Result Declared
Punjab85 – MaloutAJAIB SINGH BHATTIIndian National CongressDARSHAN SINGHShiromani Akali Dal4989Result Declared
Punjab86 – MuktsarKANWARJIT SINGHShiromani Akali DalKARAN KAURIndian National Congress7980Result Declared
Punjab87 – FaridkotKUSALDEEP SINGH KIKI DHILLONIndian National CongressGURDIT SINGH SEKHONAam Aadmi Party11659Result Declared
Punjab88 – KotkapuraKULTAR SINGH SANDHWANAam Aadmi PartyBHAI HARNIRPAL SINGH KUKKUIndian National Congress10075Result Declared
Punjab89 – JaituBALDEV SINGHAam Aadmi PartyMOHAMMAD SADIQUEIndian National Congress9993Result Declared
Punjab90 – Rampura PhulGURPREET SINGH KANGARIndian National CongressSIKANDER SINGH MALUKAShiromani Akali Dal10385Result Declared
Punjab91 – Bhucho MandiPRITAM SINGH KOTBHAIIndian National CongressJAGSIR SINGHAam Aadmi Party645Result Declared
Punjab92 – Bathinda UrbanMANPREET SINGH BADALIndian National CongressDEEPAK BANSALAam Aadmi Party18480Result Declared
Punjab93 – Bathinda RuralRUPINDER KAUR RUBYAam Aadmi PartyER. AMIT RATTAN KOTFATTAShiromani Akali Dal10778Result Declared
Punjab94 – Talwandi SaboPROF. BALJINDER KAURAam Aadmi PartyKHUSHBAZ SINGH JATANAIndian National Congress19293Result Declared
Punjab95 – MaurJAGDEV SINGHAam Aadmi PartyJANMEJA SINGH SEKHONShiromani Akali Dal14677Result Declared
Punjab96 – MansaNAZAR SINGH MANSHAHIAAam Aadmi PartyMANOJ BALAIndian National Congress20469Result Declared
Punjab97 – SardulgarhDILRAJ SINGHShiromani Akali DalAJIT INDER SINGHIndian National Congress8857Result Declared
Punjab98 – BudhladaBUDH RAMAam Aadmi PartyRANJIT KAUR BHATTIIndian National Congress1276Result Declared
Punjab99 – LehraPARMINDER SINGH DHINDSAShiromani Akali DalRAJINDER KAUR BHATTALIndian National Congress26815Result Declared
Punjab100 – DirbaHARPAL SINGH CHEEMAAam Aadmi PartyAJAIB SINGH RATOLANIndian National Congress1645Result Declared
Punjab101 – SunamAMAN ARORAAam Aadmi PartyGOBIND SINGH LONGOWALShiromani Akali Dal30307Result Declared
Punjab102 – BhadaurPIRMAL SINGH DHAULAAam Aadmi PartySANT BALVIR SINGH GHUNASShiromani Akali Dal20784Result Declared
Punjab103 – BarnalaGURMEET SINGH MEET HAHERAam Aadmi PartyKEWAL SINGH DHILLONIndian National Congress2432Result Declared
Punjab104 – Mehal KalanKULWANT SINGH PANDORIAam Aadmi PartyAJIT SINGH SHANTShiromani Akali Dal27064Result Declared
Punjab105 – MalerkotlaRAZIA SULTANAIndian National CongressMOHAMMAD OWAISShiromani Akali Dal12702Result Declared
Punjab106 – AmargarhSURJIT SINGH DHIMANIndian National CongressIQBAL SINGH JHUNDANShiromani Akali Dal11879Result Declared
Punjab107 – DhuriDALVIR SINGH GOLDYIndian National CongressJASVIR SINGH JASSI SEKHONAam Aadmi Party2811Result Declared
Punjab108 – SangrurVIJAY INDER SINGLAIndian National CongressDINESH BANSALAam Aadmi Party30812Result Declared
Punjab109 – NabhaSADHU SINGHIndian National CongressGURDEV SINGH DEV MANNAam Aadmi Party18995Result Declared
Punjab110 – Patiala RuralBRAHM MOHINDRAIndian National CongressKARANVIR SINGH TIWANAAam Aadmi Party26663Counting in Progress
Punjab111 – RajpuraHARDIAL SINGH KAMBOJIndian National CongressASHUTOSH JOSHIAam Aadmi Party32565Result Declared
Punjab112 – Dera BassiNARINDER KUMAR SHARMAShiromani Akali DalDEEPINDER SINGHIndian National Congress1921Result Declared
Punjab113 – GhanaurTHEKEDAR MADAN LAL JALALPURIndian National CongressHARPREET KAUR MUKHMAILPURShiromani Akali Dal36557Result Declared
Punjab114 – SanourHARINDER PAL SINGH MANNIndian National CongressHARINDER PAL SINGH CHANDUMAJRAShiromani Akali Dal335Counting in Progress
Punjab115 – PatialaAMARINDER SINGHIndian National CongressDR.BALBIR SINGHAam Aadmi Party52407Result Declared
Punjab116 – SamanaRAJINDER SINGHIndian National CongressSURJIT SINGH RAKHRAShiromani Akali Dal9849Result Declared
Punjab117 – ShutranaNIRMAL SINGHIndian National CongressVANINDER KAUR LOOMBAShiromani Akali Dal18520Result Declared