Sippy Gill 10 Minute song a new milestone in degrading rich Punjabi culture

Sippy Gill neither I am your fan nor your critic. I am just a responsible youth of Punjab which after watching your idiotic and senseless music video “10 Minute “. I am compelled to ask some questions to you. Firstly what were you trying to proof in the video which is filled with overacting and senseless violence it qualify as a comedy clip rather then a music video.. Secondly you are tryiny to promote that for your vested personal interest you should encourage the disturbing peace and create law and order problem. Third and not the last why are you polluting our society and rich Punjabi culture . intensionally or unintentionally you are encouraging crime against women. Is this how one should kidnap a girl on gun point for your own vicious interest and promote such a serious and threatening trend.

10 Minute sippy gill  song

And yes you are so intoxicated with all the money power you got that not even once you hesitated in using Guru Ghar a place of purity and holy shrine for your this act of lunacy and desecrated the religious sanctity of the shrine. Have you forgot how a sub inspector of Punjab police was murdered in broad daylight while trying to save the honour of her daughter in Amritsar. So with no grudges I have humble appeal to you that as being a youth icon you should be responsible towards your cultural society and above all towards teaches of Great Sikh Guru’s.

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Review By : Ramnik Singh Jahangir