Chandigarh 7 Dec 2015: Panj Teer records released a latest movie “Sambh Sardari”.This movie is describing all the truth as its name suggests.Team has given a excellent effort to present the present condition of Punjab and also the condition of Punjab’s youth as they are digging in the river of drugs day by day.This movie is also showing the same via various examples like how we are enhancing the drug usage socially and politically etc.As we can see,we feel that no function/Marriages can be successfully completed until unless we are including wine and all.Some are doing it by their own choice or we can say for their status in the society and rest have to do it forcefully.

Same we can analyse during elections.As these political leaders openly distribute drugs for vote and they simply playing with the youth and state itself.In this way present youth is totally finishing with these drugs.I have seen the movie and later on I let my family to watch this movie.

Honestly speaking my family members once remain silent and freezed after watching this movie.As they know very well that this is a truth and we have to accept it that drugs is being distributed fearlessly by political leaders But what we are doing actually??Nothing!!!!We are silently watching all this.What we should do, we have to totally boycott these drugs and wine during marriages/elections.Otherwise this will turning our state into a river of drugs affecting the future of the youth and the region.In the end,I really congratulate heartily the entire Panj Teer Records for the brilliant efforts done and hope in future team will continuously serve with these type of movies.Keep it up!!!

Review By: Maninder Jeet Kaur

Source: Panj Teer Records