Punjabi Short Movie Jaag Svere (Amrit Vele): Review By Ravneet kaur

Canada/Montreal 20 Jan 2016:  Amrit vela means the “ambrosial period”. It is not just a film title .It depicts a deep meaning of Sikh’s rehat which is started by Guru Nanak ji maharaj and culminating in Guru Gobind Singh ji’s Rehat(Code of conduct for a Sikh) .
Although you guys laughed while watching the movie. But, here is a strong lesson behind this laugh. Three things from this movie character namely Gagneet Singh we have noticed.
:> His own unstability on his promise with Guru ji’srehat.
:>Neglection of a Gursikh’s advice.
:>Disrespecting importance of time.
Opposite to these three things .Conclusions are :
:> A sikhneed to rise at Amrit Vela and perform his/her nitnem. Here, si fulfilling the promise .
:> Gursikh’s advice means code of conduct for a sikh which is being culminated by our Gurupitajisahebekmaal Guru Gobind Singh ji. Over here , in the movie gursikh’s advice is acting as a sikh boy through video chat with SardarGagneet Singh . But ,what actual is !! Gursikh’s rehat is the real Gursikh’s advice by itself for a sikh .
:>Then ,usage of time . The best time to sleep is between 2nd/3rdpehr 9pm-3am.
So that, in the 4thpehr one can wake up early during amrit vela and can meditate on God and receive the lord’s divine blessing. In this period of calm and peace disturbances are at minimum and it becomes congenial and encouraging atmosphere for the remembrance of almighty .
Sardar Pardeep Singh and team tried to describe these three things. And  this effort is being supported by Guru Ram Das ji’s sayings in clear and with no doubts about their expectations from a Sikh to do.

Review By: Ravneet kaur khalsa
Source: Panj Teer Records