Movie Review: Punjabi Short Movie “Im SarDaar Ji “

31 March 2016: Im Sardaar Ji movie is directed by Pardeep Singh .Entire team done a wonderful job.As this short film is conveying a wondeful message that what actually Sardari is?All of us know very well that how now a days singers just made this word Sardari a mere thing for publicity.But actually wearing turban preserve unique identity Sikhs.This movie is showing the same that we can not become a Sardar by wearing the photos of our real heros instead we need to adopt their qualities.Upon establishing turban as a Sikh identity Guru Gobind Singh Ji said, “My Sikh will be recognized among millions”.So we should take care of these words.In the end many many congratulations to the entire team as this team always comes with something meaningful.We are expecting more and more movies of this type.

Review By: Maninder Jeet Kaur Longia