Movie Review: Punjabi Short Film “PK with SINGH”

Canada/Montreal 8 Dec 2015:¬†Teachings of guru nanak dev Ji mahraj ji’s is so strong and so luminous that every creature in this universe want that peculiar form in the retention.PK’s relations were not with any religion and community.He was only related with the truth which he has tried to live .
Truth is what ? It is living of a true sikh. We can say Acronym for truth is a “true sikh”. Means that every human is a sikh only when he/she starts following three teachings of guru ji’s.

– Earn your livelihood by doing labour.
– Always remember God who is ever existed ,formless,fearless
– Share your food.

Only having beared and a turban is not conveying your personality for being a sikh. What Pk has gained from his visit is that precious treasure which our father (guru Ji) gave us. If PK can inhale those ways to become a true sikh then why not we ?

I am grateful to have brother’s like Sardar Pardeep Singh his team members whose vision and mission is for the sake of that truth only.

Review By: Ravneet Kaur Khalsa