Movie Review: Punjabi Short Film Berozgar (Unemployed)

Chandigarh 3 March 2016: I have just seen the short film Berozgar by Sangat Dhillon and Hanspal Singh.This is totally a reality based and most touching movie as this movie is showing excatly what actually is happening now a days.Each and every parents are doing their best to make their wards an educated person.Also they are having lots of expectations from them but as all of us know that today unemployment has become a disease kind.When students are not getting appropriate jobs after completion of their study then they gone under depression as they are not able to fulfill their own and family expectations.

BEROZGAR‬ | Movie Clip | Unemployed

So this film is showing the same that when their is no way out then how people are deciding to end their lives either they decide to suicide or fall into the dreadful cycle of drug abusing and slowly slowly as the time passes unemployment and drug abusing both are feeding off each other.As jobs go down,drugs go up.So this movie conveys a wonderful message that to fall into dangerous drugs or suicide is not a key to fighting with this problem as ups and downs are part of our life.So just watch this movie and learn the trick that life is full of ups and downs.The trick is to enjoy the ups and have courage during the downs.

So Trust in yourself and trust in God and move ahead surely you will find a way out to get rid of these problems.

Review By: Maninder Jeet Kaur Longia