Lost everything in the Kashmir floods – Manjit Kaur

Alone & Homeless – Manjit Kaur has lost everything  in the Kashmir floods.
Manjit Kaur was born and grew up in the Amritsar area. As was customary in those days, she was married at the age of 16 and moved to her new home in Kashmir. Now, in her seventies and a widow, she has watched with her own eyes as the flood waters submerged her house and destroyed everything she held dear.

Earlier in her life, Manjit Kaur had donated a plot of land next to her house for the building of the very first Gurdwara in the village of Indira Nagar in Kashmir. As fate would have it, Manjit Kaur is going from pillar to post staying with various families who are willing to help her. She has no other family nearby, her daughter is married and settled in Bombay and her house is unsafe to even enter.

The Sikh Relief team went with Manjit Kaur as she went back for the first time to see the damage and will help with the task of repairing it and making it habitable once more.
This Documentary movie created by Sikh Relief  TV