Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and AIB slams by Aamir Khan for their controversial Roast

Mumbai 11 Feb 2015:The controversial AIB Roast has lapped up several controversies, following its premiere on YouTube on January 28. While complaints have been filed against the AIB team and the Bollywoodcelebrities associated with the show- mainly Karan Johar, Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor, most other Bollywood celebrities have come out in support of the celebrities, claiming that this doesn’t certify to become such a national issue. But there’s one actor who’s clearly slammed AIB for the show- Aamir Khan.

The ‘PK’ actor was asked about the AIB controversy at a recently held press conference, to which the actor shot back saying he still has not watched the video intentionally. “I haven’t watched the AIB video but I have heard of it. I just watched two-three clips of it and I did not like it.” This happened after Aamir felt disturbed with what Karan and Arjun told him about the show once they were done shooting for the Roast. “When this happened, Karan and Arjun came to me and told me that they did this roast and also exchanged the dialogues they used during the show. honestly, I was deeply affected on hearing what all they said on the show. I was very disappointed with the things that happened”, Aamir expressed his displeasure openly.Karan Johar, Arjun Kapoor, Ranveer Singh and AIB slams by Aamir Khan for their controversial Roast

Though he did not mince words while slamming the people associated with AIB Knockout, Aamir also claimed that he believes in the freedom of speech but violence is not an element he would support in any way. “I completely believe in Freedom of Speech but we also need to realise that as people, we have certain limitations and responsibilities. But when I heard all that was said to me, I felt it was a very violent event. Violence is not just physical that I hit you with my slipper and it’s violence. It can be verbal as well. It can be emotional as well. When you insult someone verbally, you are perpetuating violence. Not only are you doing something this violent, you are also proudly showcasing that to the whole world”

Calling AIB Roast ‘violent’ and ‘improper’, Aamir condemned the show’s content. “I don’t like to show such violence. I am sure that there must be lots of young people who have loved the show and I believe that all of us are entitled to have our own opinions and I respect it. But I did not like it at all”. Aamir also explained that he clearly expressed his discomfort and even ‘scolded’ Karan and Arjun for doing such a thing. “Karan and Arjun are friends and I know them personally. So the first thing I did was scold them for doing such a thing. You cannot expect to impress me giving 25 gaalis. I am not a 14 year old anymore and the age of laughing at gaalis has long gone”

Funny and humorous, Aamir clarified that he likes jokes, but only when they are not insulting someone else. “If it was a joke intended to make people laugh, then you should crack a joke which won’t hurt anyone. Making a joke of someone’s skin colour and someone’s sexuality and expecting me to laugh at it, is something I don’t appreciate. I personally have a problem with what they have done therefore I have not seen the show”, he continued, questioning the responsibilities of the people involved with the show. “What is the responsibility of a creative person? I am not talking about AIB. I am talking about Karan, Arjun and all the other actors who were present there. I don’t have any right to control their acts but as a creative person myself, I look at bringing out the goodness in people which won’t happen if I use violence as the key element”

Although Aamir is totally against the content of the show, he also clarified that the immediate backlash against the AIB is not something he approves of. “The onslaught is a different thing to be discussed altogether. If they have broken the law in any way, then the thing is different. FIR has been lodged but it needs to proved- have they broken the law or have they not broken the law! If they’ve broken a law, they should face the consequences like you and me. The law is same for everyone. But if they haven’t broken the law, they have every right to go around scott free. The courts, the lawyers will decide that. I believe the law should take its course”, Aamir said.

“But there’s a lot of lynching and backlash happening about the AIB team and people want to ban them. I don’t support that either. If I don’t like something, I will be upfront and tell you that I don’t like all this. I will ask them once to not do it again and that’s how I would limit my interference in that person’s matters. Who am I to decide how you should conduct yourself? I can only appeal to them not to do that”, he added citing an example from his own personal experiences. Aamir too had produced Delhi Belly- the 2011 adult flick which was laced with abuses, expletives and explosive content. But he took a different approach. “I have also made a film like Delhi Belly which got an A certificate. I myself have gone out telling people it’s an adult film. There are expletives in the film so please don’t come if you don’t like such stuff. I do have the liberty as a creative person but I also have a responsibility. I have to fulfil both. That’s all I would say”, explained Aamir before signing off.

Source: DNAindia.com