Diljit Dosanjh removes “Punjab 1984” Facebook profile pic after criticism over “Patiala Peg”

Chandigarh 18 Nov.: Famous Punjabi singer turner actor Diljit Disanjh’s latest song “Patiala Pegg” has sparked controversy over social media networks. Where as the fans of Diljit Dosanjh are “enjoying” the song, the social activists and ‘concerned’ sections of Punjabi society have raised alarm against the ‘message’ which “Patiala Pegg” tends to deliver.

The song is preceded by a sequence of shots which shows that a former girlfriend of lead character of song (played by Diljit Donajh) arrives in a wedding with her new fiance. In song Diljit Dosanjh says that he takes “Patiala Pegg” (large pegg of alcohol) and do not bother about his breakup.

Many are of the view that “Patiala Pegg” tends to promote alcoholism while staunch fans of Diljit Dosanjh says that the song was just for ‘entertainment’.

In a serious response to “Patiala Pegg”, the Sikh Voice, said that artists like Diljit Dosanjh should think about ruined state of Punjab’s youth before promoting alcoholism. The Sikh Voice in an audio release addressed to Diljit Dosanjh says: “you are promoting such an element that has ruined lives of enormous youth in Punjab”.

The Sikh Voice also pointed out that Diljit Dosanjh still uses “Punjab 1984” profile pic on Facebook. It is interesting to note that Diljit Dosanjh changed his Facebook profile pic few hours after the Sikh Voice release it’s audio.

The move has inserted another twist in the ongoing debate over social media sites and there is a section that sees ‘opportunism’ in Diljit Dosanjh’s moves.

Response to Diljit Dosanjh’s song Patiala Pegg by the Sikh Voice:



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