“Dhan Guru Nanak” Latest Punjabi Song Released By Panj Teer Records

Chandigarh 25 Nov 2015: This song is based at revelations and teachings of Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji(First Sikh Guru). Guru Ji emphasised on inner ethics, adherence,sincerity towards truth and honesty in sancity to earn God’s Grace. His Supreme teachings lead towards principles of distinct ideals :Dharma, Gian(Divine Knowledge), Saram(humility), Karma and Sach (Truth) to create awareness for humility and self Surrender.
Guruji guides us to follow ;¬†Kirat karo(Earn a living honestly), Naam Japo(Chant/Devotion to God), Vand Chhako(Sharing With others)¬†Guru Ji was strongly against the discriminations, false rituals and superstitious. He Also preached eauality of women in society with his message:”From her, kings/warriors are born. From woman, woman is born; without woman, there would be no one at all.
Then Why should we call her inferior, when it is she who gives birth to great Warriors ?
With the inspirations of Guru Nanak Dev ji, Writer of the song (Devinder Singh) wishes to lead Punjab(land of five rivers) on the path of truth and enlightenment by following God’s glory.

Singer – Haripan Singh, Jaskirat Singh, Harleen Kaur
Lyrics – Devinder Singh
Composed & Music By – HarJass
Artwork By – R Singh Arts
Presentation By: Pardeep Singh
Special Thanks: Satnam Singh , Parkash Ji , Gurpreet Singh
Label: Panj Teer Records

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