Live Video | Punjab | ‪‎Gurdaspur Attack‬ (Dinanagar)

Punjab,Gurdaspur (Dinanagar) 27 July 2015: As per media reports the gunmen who attacked in Dinanagar this morning have held six-seven family members of policemen as hostages. A news report by IBN7 notes: “The gunmen are heavily armed and are carrying automatic weapons with them. Sources say, they are also carrying AK47 rifles. The firing began around 5 am”.

As per reports at least three persons are already killed by armed assailants who have reportedly dressed up in Indian Army uniforms.

Attackers reportedly hijacked a Maruti car which they used to come to Dinanagar. These attackers also opened fire on a Punjab roadways standing near the police station of Dinanagar killing 2-3 passengers, leaving others injured.

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