Jassi Jasraj Released New Video: Never Give Up Happy New Year 2016

Sometimes in bad times we loose all hope and opt for drugs,suicide or get into depression but we should trust our positives more than our negatives and must under stand that that after sunset SUN do rises….efforts shouldnt stop at any cost…experience is learnt from failures and like money experience is also earned n bad times teaches us many good n great lessons…thats why me jassi jasraj have written this song,sung, it and even gone through HELL to shoot it in winnipeg where i handled everything alone with m,y sweet wife and was directing video with my 3months old baby in hands on sets…NEVER GIVE UOP song is most difficult production of jasraj records till now but even then we never gave up….N HERE IT IS BEFORE YOU…the song – the m,antra…HAPPY NEW YEAR – never give up…

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