Yoddha movie reflacts the current scenario of our socity-Amardeep Singh Gill

Filmmaker,Writer and Director Amardeep singh’s first feature film “YODDHA” is going to release in coming days.He is also a famous lyricist,poet and writer too.We are just presenting a summary of communication regarding this film with Amardeep Singh.

Filmmaker,Writer And Director  Amardeep singh's first feature film "YODHA

1)What is the centre point of film “YODDHA”?
Amardeep Gill:Yodha itself centre point of the story of this film but we to know actually who YODDHA(warrior) is ,you need to watch this movie.I can just tell you one thing that, the each and every man, who fight against situation,system,wrong values, is Yoddha.Yodha is the story of present Punjab,where system is totally corrupted ,leaders are public- enemies.The war of a common man against all this is the story of this film.

2)Have you written the songs of this film?
Amardeep Gill:yes, I have written the story,screenplay ,dialouge and four songs of this film.Kuljinder Singh Sidhu also supported me in story writing of this film also he is Hero and manufacturer of this film.Gurmit Singh composed music and Daler Mehandi,Jazzy Bains,Nirmal Sidhu and Girmit Singh sung songs written by me.

3)Film is almost ready and people are liking the trailor of film.So, are you satisfied with the work of director Mandeep Singh Bainipal?
Amardeep Gill:Yes Mandeep Singh is a very good director and my good friend too.He has already diretcted successful movies like “Ekam” and “Saada Haq”.I and Mandeep thinks in same manner that is a basic requirement to make a film.I am very happy with his work and we are planning to work on a big project in future after this film.

4)Tell us about another Actors of this film and their speciality.
Amardeep Gill:Besides Kuljinder Singh Sidhu,Rahul Dev,Girja Shankar,Mahavir Bhullar,Unnati Dawra,Dinesh Sood,Ajay Sethi,Nasir Khan,Hectar Sandhu,Darshan Ghaaru,Sandeep Kapoor and Hardeep Gill are the main actors of this film.The role played by Rahul Dev must impress the audience.You can see the difference between the Kuljinder Singh Sidhu of “SADDA HAQ” and of “YODDHA”.He also seems to be an actual YODDHA as he worked hard for one year same we are showing on screen .

5)In the end tell us the reason that why people go to watch this movie?
Amardeep Gill:First of all this is a totally different film in punjabi cinema so people should watch this movie.Secondly if you are worried about the corroupted punjab,drug smuggling that ruin our Punjab,youth of punjab,honour of you sisters and daughters then you must watch this film.This is a fight against corrupted system and corrupted political leaders.This film is going to release on 31 st October so we just hope that all punjabi’s from all locations will surely give good response after watch this film.

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