Yo Yo Honey Singh got blamed under promotion of drugs in youth

Ludhiana 16 DEC 2014 : A Ludhiana based non-governmental organization has demanded an immediate ban on the two songs composed by the singer Yo Yo Honey Singh for the recently released bollywood flick ‘The Shaukeens’. The NGO, Mahatar Sathi Jagriti Manch has alleged that the wording and screening of these songs was vulgar, obscene and creating public nuisance. The NGO has objected  two songs of  Rapper Honey Singh’s  like ‘Manali Trance’ and ‘Alcoholic’ in the film ‘The Shaukheens’ lyrics.

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Yo Yo Honey Singh got blamed under promotion of drugs in youth

NGO president, Kimti Rawal wrote to the Supreme Court through mail. Subsequently, Rawal filed a formal complaint in the local court seeking action against Singh. NGO , who was in the court for issuing his statement, said, ” In Punjab, almost 70 per cent of the youngsters are the victims of drug abuse and if you have songs like these it will not help the efforts of the Government. The lyrics of the song instead promote the usage of drugs and alcohol.” Rawal filed a complaint in the local court of Ludhiana on December 5, against Singh, director Abhishek Singh, lead actor Akshay Kumar and others.

For Honey Singh, this is not the first time that he has landed in any controversy. Thirty one year old singer has found himself amidst controversies in the past as well. The rapper was previously in the headlines for allegedly singing the song ‘Main Hoon Balatkari.

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