Why Indian Media is promoting Punjab 1984 so much?

” Why the role of Indian Media is positive in case of movie ‘Punjab 1984’? ”
Punjab 1984

This is the age of Media. But it is very important that Media should be Free. What media shows depends on its freedom.  Indian Media had played and is being playing Negative role against Punjab.
Many movies are being made in Punjab on the Era of 1984. Recently released movie ‘Punjab 1984’ is Talk of the Town.  All Indian Media is Promoting this movie very strongly. Movies like ‘Sadda Haq’, ‘Kaum de Heere’ etc . were also on subject of 1984 but they were Opposed by the Same media. Media spread false rumors about these movies. Even Censor Board didn’t opposed this movie but It put objection on other movies made on same subject.
So this is the big thing to think and also why Anti-Sikh TV channels and Newspapers are promoting this movie? Now its a question for all of you.

Sadda Haq - Kaum de Heere

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