When ‘Kaum De Heere’ will Release in India?

Raj Kakra- in-Kaum-de-HeerePunjabi Movie ‘Kaum de Heere’ is yet to be released in India.  Although it had already been released in foreign countries but India’s Central Board of Film Certification had declined to grant certificate to the movie.

Movie was going to release in India on 28th February this year but due to the harsh attitude of Indian censor board the release date of movie was delayed. After that the Producers of the movie again requested to censor board for approval of release of the movie. Producers were ready to compromise on objectionable part of the movie. But the censor board is not ready to release the movie at any cost. No news had came from the Movie team since last month about the release of the movie.

Actually the movie is based on the life story of Satwant Singh, Beant Singh and Kehar Singh, who assassinated Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. Indira Gandhi was responsible Operation Blue Star  in June 1984. Indian army attacked on Holiest shire of Sikhs famously known as Golden Temple(Amritsar) under her Leadership. Therefore her Sikh Bodyguards(Satwant Singh and Beant Singh) assassinated her to took Revenge of Dishonour of Sikhs. It is the history of Sikhs that whenever anybody attacked Golden Temple, They always had taken Revenge. Therefore those who killed Indira Gandhi are Heroes for Sikhs but other people of India look this from another view.

Same is the problem with Censor board. The question Censor board raised is that movie is presenting the ‘Murderer’ of Indira Gandhi as Heroes. The producers replied to them that they just showed the Reality. Nothing is fictional or wrong in the movie. It is based on 100% true story. There is a quote that “One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Freedom Fighter”. So in this condition the chances of movie release in India is very rare.
Raj Kakra- in-Kaum-de-Heere
The movie had been produced by Takhar Brothers and Raj Kakra. Raj Kakra is famous Punjabi Lyricist and Singer. Now Raj Kakra had also played leading role in the movie as ‘Beant Singh’. Sukhdeep Sukh played the role of ‘Satwant Singh’ while experienced artist of Punjabi movies Sardar Sohi had played the role of ‘Kehar Singh’. Movie had been Directed by Ravinder Ravi while Beat Minister is the Music Director.

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