Vir-Das and Soha Ali Khan’s next film to be titled as ’31st October’

Vir Das and Soha Ali Khan starrer a new  movie based on 1984 anti-Sikh violent.– based film named as  ‘Jaane Kyon’ that is now renamed as ’31st october’.Moreover , makers of film are also plan to pitch  for various film fests too.This movie is set in the backdrop of 1984 anti-Sikh violent.,the story of the film is based on the family that survived the 1984 anti-Sikh violent. on the night of October 31 that year.On that day thousands of sikhs were targetted also killed in Delhi and other places across India by the mobs in aftermath of the assassination of  Prime Minister Indira Gandhi   by her two sikh security guards.

film 31st October'

The producor of the film Harry Sachdeva said to the reporters that Once you see the rushes, you all will get an idea.Also they are planning to pitch this film for various film fest too.This film is based on the true life story of survival of a Sikh family in 1984 and story abut one night,  also begins with the Indira Gandhi’s assassination.This film is not just based on Sikh community  but also based on Hindu and Muslim communities as well.This film is relate to each and everyone.Through out this entire movie the message  that goes out is that these riots shuld not happen again as none of us got anything.As Soha Ali Khan is working with this movie as they felt Soha was the best and she will justify the character.Besides that Vir is known for his comedey.So Vir-Das and Soha Ali Khan’s next film to be titled as ’31st October’.


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