The Team of Green ThinkerZ Society Visited Pingalwara

The team of Green ThinkerZ Society visited Pingalwara Chandigarh Palsora Branch on 29 August 2014. Members and instructors of Pingalwara explained special education in School of Special Education. Patients at Pingalwara were happy to see the team that someone came to meet them.

Green ThinkerZ

They welcome the team with joining hands and said “Sat Shri Akaal”. Truly, Pingalwara is a home for disabled, handicapped, crippled, insane, mentally retarded, orphan, aged and persons suffering from incurable and terminal diseases. This heaven for the human discards was created by one man: Bhagat Puran Singh. He had no material resources but he had unflinching faith in his mission that he was servant of the hapless and forlorn and God was the provider for his work, so he would pick up all the destitute sick people he came across.
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