“The Mastermind Jinda Sukha” Will be released on 11 September 2015

Mohali 4 Aug 2015:“The Mastermind Jinda Sukha” Will be released on 11 September 2015.

Following Message From “The Mastermind Jinda Sukha” Movie Official Facebook Page 

We are feeling Sorry from all page members that we are again extending the date of our Movie.As u all know that these type of movies faced many difficulties like Censor , Distribution and lack of screens ..we are also facing these problems thats why “The Mastermind Jinda Sukha” is being released on 11 Sep 2015..This is a final date and it will not be extended.

Film-makers said that the their movie “The Mastermind Jinda and Sukha” is based on true-life story of Sikh martyrs Bhai Harjinder Singh Jinda and Sukhdev Singh Sukha who were sentenced to death by Indian courts for assassinating former Indian army chief Arun Vaidhya. Arun Vidhya had led army attack against Sikhs in June 1984 (remembered as Ghallughara/ Holocause by the Sikhs).

Film director Sukhjinder Shera said that the story of movie is based on prison letter of Bhai Sukha-Jinda. “This film is based on a true story and historic facts”, said Sukhjinder Shera.

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