“THE BLOOD STREET” movie Banned by Indian Censor Board.

After “Kaum De Heere” another movie “The Blood Street” has been banned by censor board.This movie was schedule to release on 10th oct 2014  made by “Har  jee ” Movies International.This movie will send to Chennai for screening.The reson of ban on this movie is said to be its sensitive subject.The Blood Street is a movie of Sikh genocide , that’s why censor board don’t grant certificate for public viewing.Now the release of this movie in India depends upon the decision of  chairperson of Chennai sensor board.The debating point by chairperson of censor board is that, by releasing this movie may produce revolt in youths.Besides that the four members of censor board long-horned  in the favor of this movie.They said that this movie is a truth of that inferior events of Punjab that always influence youths. They said that in this movie youngsters are shown as demanding the justice for mishappenings and also taking  oath enthusiastically that they will never let repeat these mishappenings.

The Blood Street" has been banned
Lyricist – Darshan Darvesh, Manpreet Gosal, Azeem Shekhar.
Music by – Harinder Sohal, S. Manpal Singh.
Staring :-Sardar Sohi, Mahanbir Bhullar, Harjit Bhullar,Sonpreet Jawanda, Binni Singh, Karamjeet Brar, Kul Sidhu, Satwinder Kaur, KNS Sekhon, Jasbir Singh Boparai, Kulu Panesar, Nindi Dhillon, Daman Dhillon, Semi Mansa, & Others
Director :– Darshan Darvesh
Written by:- Darshan Darvesh
Screenplay :- Darshan Darvesh

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