“The blood street” movie 2nd time rejected by Indian sensor board

The blood street” sensor board still has not learned a lesson. After 2nd time screening of the revising committe, they sent a letter saying that we can’t give permission to present this film. If you want, you can appeal to FCAT(film certification appellate tribunal)perhaps you may get justice there.

"The blood street" movie 2nd time rejected by Indian sensor board

I appreciate the producer of this film”Sardar Jasbir Singh Boparai” ji, who never hesitated in spending money on this film concerning minority genocide. Till now, he is calmly looking at the attitude of Indian film sensor board, just like a sideshow. It seems that simplicity is bursted in him. He has spent his entire money of hardwork on this film. He is not a billionaire like Bollywood producers. He earned this money working day and night on the foreign land and cared for it like nothing else. So that his dream of life may be achieved. How would you believe on the law of the Indian justice court that they have seen minority genocide. Is anyone there who can forward his voice and blood-tears that he drunk, to the deaf ears of Indian ministry of information and broadcasting. Someone who can raise this issue alongwith many of the issues of ministers like kejriwal, why Punjabi become the first target of their enforcements.
If anyone is here, give an answer. We want answer. We will be continually demandingfor it until we get it.

This Report written by :DARSHAN DARVESH.He is Writer & Director of Film “The Blood Street

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