“Singham Returns” Movie Review

Number of movies has been made in Bollywood that are based on social,political and religious matters.Earlier we had seen a Bollywood movie ‘OH MY GOD’ it was the best movie of the year that created magic as this movie was based on superstitions and social facts that definitely deserved a watch.

,Singham returns

In the same way,Singham returns is a movie based on political and social matters.Ajay Devgan is an honest police officer.In this movie ,Ajay Devgan reprises lead role as ‘Bajirao Singham’ along with Kareena Kapoor plays the female lead.The story begins with giving juctice to an old police officer who is unable to catch bikers, who has snatched his cap, due to some health issues.This movie is also put lightning on unholy preachers and corrupted politicians.There is a fake godman(Baba) in movie who is fleecing people as he appears to deliver all his public sermons in a place that looks like a wedding ground and also having good contacts with political leaders.The first time we see Baba off duty, he’s wearing a basketball jersey with “Dope Chef” written on it.Anupam Kher played the role of Guruji and decided to give election tickets to young deservivg candidates , get murdered by the evil Baba and crooked politicians.This movie is also showing that how people easily points to a policeman being corrupt.But all of us should come forward and raise our voice against crooked politicians,deravaad, unholy preachers(Baba).

In the end we can say that we should always preferred this kind of bollywood flick that is conveying a social message.Although action was bit over but on the otherside this movie is covering all the loopholes by covveying good message like ,the police will protect them rather than pick their pockets for bribes.Hope man like Rohit Shetty will contribute more to make movies based on social matters.

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