Short Movie Wandd: Mispresentation of issue leads to more damage than benefit

Chandigarh 17 Dec 2104 : Short movie “Wannd” directed by Harjit Singh Ricky was an attempt from his part to highlight a very delicate and serious issue of women exploitation in the society. But it seems it has turned out to be a huge disaster and may start an unhealthy trend in the Punjabi cinema that is of explicit and erotism. It has failed to deliver its basic objective of social awakening against the present plight of women in our society on how they are lured or are manipulated emotionally to be used as a sex object and peace of meat.

Instead it seemed to be further degrading the image of a women like the way lead actress of the movie had betrayed her parents trust and called his lover for having a good time at her place and in the manner lead actor had made her girlfriend to be used as a peace of flesh for his friends it was like the film was propagating new techniques to use young girls of such a tender age those are hardly over with their respective high school.

And the way alcohol was promoted it seems to be like to be an alcoholic is subject of great pride and status. The bottom line is that the social evil of women exploitation could have been more projected in a more sensible manner and could have been less erotic.

Review By : Ramnik Singh Jahangir

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