Short film “Uncommon Courage Of The KAUR” || Movie Review

This is a short movie directed by Pardeep Singh and is an outcome of team work by Punjabup Films.
The movie is about the courage of a girl and is more about the concept of Sikhi which teaches the girl to be independent and know the power she holds within.

Uncommon Courage Of The KAUR || Movie Review

The film starts with a girl walking and two boys stalking her, the girl gets scared and then enters her saviors all from a different religion, encircle her and protect her from stalkers. The movies is supposed to be reaching its climax and the viewer’s get happy by seeing the generosity of the saviors and relieved that the girl is Safe, but then the director and the team comes in picture, the viewer thinks that might be they are here to say some thanking words and so, but when the discussions is voiced, the viewer now starts taking interest in the conversation going on and finds that they are not satisfied with the movie and some are supporting and others are counterparts.

The result of conversation ends that with the decision of a new shooting and new concept. Then the team is shown very busy and bestowed towards the work. Then appears the new scene, but this time a Turbaned girl walking down the same road, exactly that two boys stalking her and everything goes the same way, but at the end the Kaur slams the Sikh boy for not being in Sikhi and demonstrates her courage and the stalkers run for their life.

That was all about the story, and now about the film’s making, the film had this twisting end and the appearance of the team adds an exotic aspect to the movie and the viewer gets a wholesome experience of a full movie in just these 5 minutes, and even the movie imparts that girls are not dependent, they have the courage to fight the deadliest evil, but they just need to know the courage they hold within. The movie shows different religions, saving the girl which gives a plus point and doesn’t appears that the movie is biased to any religion. The team has really done a good job and is praised for the efforts they put in to create a short movie which gives a number of messages and the audience is also entertained by the movie and the short arguments that the team had over the film. Overall, it is the optimum use of the 5 minutes 24 seconds any one can make.
The film is all set to hit the Sikh Online Youth Film festival and is being featured online by Watch the movie, share your views in COMMENTS and LIKE the movie to vote it on this link (Uncommon Courage of The Kaur)

Review By :- Er. Kaur H

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