Shah Rukh Khan mouths Mukhtiar Chadda’s dialogues with Diljit

Chandigarh 19 Nov 2015: The recent video that is viral over the internet features Diljit Dosanjh spending light hearted moments with Dilwale Team. From Kids to couples everyone is dubmashing the dialogues of Mukhtiar Chadda. But this time it was King Khan himself talking to Chaddaji(Dijit ) in Chaddaji’s Language.
Kriti Sanon  is trying her hands on Punjabi. It’s amusing to see how SRK kneels down in front Pollywood king says “I love you from the core of my mind”. And then Kriti Sanon saying in a very humble tone “Ki kehrahe ho tussi “. Seldom have we seen these stars talking in Punjabi but when they are then its Chadda ji’s Language.
Other than the couple we could spot Varun Dhawan and Rohit Shetty too. They were enjoying the whole situation. Diwale is the next big thing Bollywood is looking at and similarly Mukhtiar Chadda is being look forward in this region too.
Presented by Eros International, ‘Mukhtiar Chadha’ releases worldwide on 27th November, 2015. Produced by Ohri Productions Pvt. Ltd. and Wahid-Sandhar Showbiz, the film has been directed by Gifty (aka Chetan Parwana) and stars Diljit Dosanjh in title role along with Oshin Brar, Yashpal Sharma, Kiran Juneja, Jaswant Rathore, Khyali. Music by JSL Singh.

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