Screenings of controversial film Nanak Shah Fakir cancelled after mass Sikh protest: Report ‘The Guardian’

London 23 April 2015: A news reported in “The Guardian” notes that [t]he Odeon and Cineworld cinema chains cancelled screenings of film Nanak Shah Fakir following a major sit-in protest at a branch of Cineworld in Wolverhampton.

“Around 50 Sikh protestors surged into the cinema on 19 April, chanting protests until the cinema owners cancelled the screening. Dozens of cinemagoers had to leave the cinema, and were later promised refunds; the cinema owners say they are working with police to investigate the incident”, notes The Guardian.

It quotes a Cineworld spokesperson saying the the showing the film was stopped because: “we want our customers to enjoy visiting our cinemas and experience a wide range of films without disruption from others.” Odeon confirmed it would also cancel planned screenings following the protest.

“Dozens are forced to leave Cineworld Wolverhampton after screening of Nanak Shah Fakir is occupied by protestors, while film’s producer removes it from cinemas worldwide”, the concerned news report notes.

It is notable that the Nanak Shah Fakir film was made in violation of established Sikh tenets. The film was opposed by the global Sikh community. The box-office failure of the film forced film-maker Harinder Sikka to withdraw the movie.

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