Water… jewel of our mother earth

Water is an essential resource of life and good health. The question is, even if we know this, what value we give to this useful resource? Do we keep it like a precious jewel or just don’t care like sand in our path?

Humans use water for each and every activity like drinking, washing, household works, agriculture,  industries and list is endless. What if for one day there is no supply of water? Not even a drop? Can you imagine a single day without water?

Let us see some facts, according to WHO (World Health Organization), water scarcity affects one in three people on every continent of the globe that means one person out of every three people rely on unsafe drinking water and cannot bathe or clean their clothes/homes properly. 3.4 –4 million people die each year from water sanitation and hygiene related causes. 1,8 million child death /year due to diarrhea that is dehydration . Isn’t it shameful even after 67 years of independence ,a child dies due to dehydration in our country? A big question on us? And does it stop here only? No, not at all, poor water quality increases risk of diseases as cholera, typhoid, fever and dysentery and other water borne infections. People store water at home that also serves as contamination and breeding grounds for mosquitoes leading to dengue and malaria. This increases burden on our health system and act as an obstacle in growth and development of our country. There are a lot more things that can be discussed . But let us come to the main point i.e. how to conserve water. Let us join our hands together and save our mother earth.

  1. Check pipes for leakage.
  2. Don’t always flush the toilet, use bucket water for cleaning.
  3. Use buckets for bath instead of showers / take shorter showers.
  4. Turn off tap after you wet your toothbrush.
  5. Rinse your razor in a water mug instead of flowing water.
  6. While washing dishes, don’t leave water running for rinsing.
  7. Plant more trees, shrubs and plants.
  8. Clean your car/bike with wet clothes not water always.
  9. Don’t wash your houses. Use wet clothes.
  10. Close the running water taps around you.If a monkey can why can’t you?

See video given below.

If we cant treat earth as our mother, let us have mercy on it atleast.
Save earth by saving its resources… SAVE WATER !

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