Review: Punjabi Movie Baaz-Babbu Mann

Baaz is the story of SP Inder Pal Singh Sidhu. Sidhu is a man on a mission. With complete honesty and full determination, he vows to fight against evil. The movie focuses on the political influence and corruption prevailing in Police. It revolves around Darbara Singh, a businessman cum leader, who is a drug mafia and uses his influence to run his illegal activities right under the nose of Police. Dheeraj Rattan is known for penning all time blockbusters of Punjabi Cinema. But his recent movies have been rather disappointing ones. In this film, he has tried to change the perception of people about police. He has tried to bring the better side of Police to the limelight. Still the story of Baaz offers nothing new, a typical Police-Politician rivalry.

 Review: Punjabi Movie Baaz-Babbu Mann
The screenplay is dragged, some scenes look unnecessarily added. The film is overloaded with action. Defying laws of Physics is nothing new in Punjabi Cinema, the action scenes in this movie keep you amused and sometimes even make you laugh. In one of the scenes Sidhu standing in the front, shoots at the tyre of the car. In no time the car is in the air, manages to fly just over Sidhu, and when it is about to land it tilts. The car crashes on the ground vertically and goes into flames in no time. Further the video effects added into the action scenes are disturbing too. Director Simerjeet Singh has given an average direction to the movie. There are jerks in the continuity of scenes. The music is average too. The choreography of the songs is poor.
Overall the execution of the film is poor. The scenes are not worked up properly. In a Police Station where serious business is going on, suddenly the SP comes out of his cabin singing Edi Vi Ni Marhi Hundi Police Punjab Di and the whole Police station starts danicing is just unimaginable. In a nutshell, the makers have tried to bring up the good side of Police, but their story line was meagre, the execution was not great either, the action is overrated and the music is average.

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