Review on Punjabi movie Jatt James Bond

From past few years Punjabi Movies are releasing in bunch. Even though very few movies are made on good subjects. Movies like Sadda Haq, Nabar, Kaum de Heere etc. are some movies made on important issues of Punjab. Most of the movies in Punjab are based on vulgar and aimless comedy and story. Recently released movie “Jatt James Bond” was in headlines because of appearance of many Bollywood actors in the movie. Movie can be called ‘Economical Hit’ because it did business of crores.
Let us take a look at the story and message of the movie. Story starts with the love of a poor boy and a rich girl, which can be called a common subject but end of the story is totally different from other on jatt james bond

Direction of the movie can be called careless as it give no attention to Sikh Principles. The hero of the movie during taking meal in ‘Langar’ gives Love Letter to heroine which is against Sikh Principles. We are shocked at the sense of the directors and actors of Punjab that how they are presenting religious places as ‘Aashqui de Adde’. Secondly the big issue is promotion of casteism in Punjab because title of this movie, as well as title of many other movies also, elevate one particular caste. Movies also promotes Drugs in youth which is the matter of concern.
jatt james bond

Don’t know what message directors, actors and story writers of Punjabi Cinema want to give to youth. Everybody is running after commercial profits by ignoring the effects of their movies on youth and next generation of Punjab.

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