Review on movie Yoddha-the warrior by Akali Gurtej Singh

Punjab resides on the name of the Guru.These Words of  film “Yoddha-the warrior” The principle of this film to my views about the film stand.The land of Punjab and is currently running phenomenon that many aspects of the film highlights a clearance western dyed in colors of a young man “Ronnie”.Turning a combination of weapons and theology nation’s premier “taksal” president he (Ronnie) vision of inheritance. By March in the events of Sikh history at the power of Gurbani explains the importance of the initiative.
System being hurt from sitting frustrated young man burned in a new soul .
He challenged the system .All aspects of system becomes a big problem for epara Ronnie (ranayodha Singh) goes as seamless Khalsa.
When evil comes time to edit a try with the current weapon fails for a bulletproof .
Rihe appear (city kirtan) Bhai Bachitar Singh is filled with excitement to see the picture of a drug-term Panda.
Film of a direct and clear message that states the khalasahi Earth jaaho Jalal can only be fought with and it will be broken without human.

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Review on movie Yoddha-the warrior

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