Review on controversial Aamir Khan’s movie Pk

Chandigarh 2 Jan 2015 :Amir khan and Anushka sharma starter and much awaited film PK was finally released on 19 December 2014.PK  film directed by Rajkumar Hirani, The film is based upon superstitious traditions that has been gripping the Indian society form centuries. No doubt the direction and the way this sensitive topic was portrayed on the silver screen is commendable. And the way science fiction was used in which an extraterrestrial land on earth for a research mission was something which they truly deserve a compliment. It has been a honesty effort on the part of the filmmaker to condemn fake rituals and fraud God-men who are like as plague which is infecting the society.

Review on controversial Aamir Khan's movie Pk
This movie has kicked moreover a controversy rather then a debate because of the Of the way in which Hindu Mythological God Shiva was made fun of and shown as a amusing character. Even Sikhs which believe in philosophy of hard work sharing and reciting one true lords name was also shown in shady character for instance an old and wise male was shown as begging for his wife and in next scene there was a Sikh student bowing in front of a stone as it’s a known fact that Sikhs believe in one lord and there is no place for idol worship in Sikhism. To conclude the picture also shows that’s how poorly the team of PK had done there homework before going ahead with it.

Review By : Ramnik Singh Jahangir

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