Review on ’47 to 84′ Movie

In present time, many movies based on 1984 are coming. These movies represent’s Sikh emotions. Recently released movie ’47 to 84′ was also such kind of movie.
Most of the movie is based on ‘1984 Sikh Genocide’, partition of 1947 is a small part of the movie. Story of the movie is not satisfactory, there are many mistakes in the story. Story of the film can be called one sided because it blames a single person as main culprit for ‘Sikh Genocide’ when all the system and ‘Manuvaadi’ thinking was responsible for it.84 to 47

Militant movement of punjab is represented in very wrong manner, movie represent it as uncontrolled movement. Hero of the movie is with trimmed hair and is Non-Amritdhari also , which represents wrong character of militants. Some songs in the movie lacks etiquettes. For example when the main hero of the movie goes to ‘Dhaba’, then he and his other partners dance there with prostitutes. When in real the militants were against this type of things and they also punished ‘bedouins’ like Chamkila for this.

In the end we will say that ’47 to 84′ was a big name, but movie is not satisfactory because it’s story distort facts.  And also there is lack of Direction.
So in future also many movies related to ‘1984’ are coming, motive of most of these movies is commercial profit. There are very few people who want to show reality in Sikh community.

By: Punjabup Films

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