Review of Punjabi Film YODDHA -The warrior

We can finally say a movie has come out of the Punjabi movie industry that has everyone talking. Yoddha-The Warrior, directed by Mandeep Benipal, not only caught the attention of Sikhs worldwide,but many people from other religions,different communities watched and appreciated this movie.

Review of Punjabi Film YODDHA

It is primarily Punjabi action drama film from the makers of Mini Punjab and Sadda Haq.This is a narrative in regards to a common Sikh man that desire to live his life calmly. However, society’s corrupt elements make him to fight just like a warrior from the corruption and conditions makes the storyline more intriguing. It appears from the very first look of the movie that Kuljinder sindhu has done lot of effort to plat this part.

Kuljinder Sidhu, the main lead actor has played his part very naturally and looks a perfect choice for the character of Ranjodh Singh ( Ronnie Brar ).He springs a surprise, as he transforms from a casual NRI to a man on a mission.Leading actress Unnati, who also makes her debut with the film, she did Superb job,wonderful perfomance by her The actress has done some watchable scenes.Girja Shankar and Rahul Dev both did their job as villian to perfection.A swiss celebrity Hektor sandhu, Surinder Sandhu and a spanish celebrity Ajay Jethi,Both of them have done an excellent job in the film.Some actors like Dinesh Sood,Zafar Khan have done their job decently enough.

Mandeep Benipal has already shown his skills in Sadda Haq.He has been equally impressive in Yoddha in terms of his shot makings, story sequencing and in a manner he has used the background locations. So once again his work is really creditable here.The script, co-written by Kuljinder Singh Sidhu and Amardeep Singh Gill, is simple, but there is newness to it. Amardeep Singh Gill is a fabulous actor and writer.

Music of the movie might not be in talks but it has got the smoothness and aggression according to the need of the story. Background score is simply admirable. It goes very well with the situations all the time.

Final Say: All in all Yoddha has a good story to tell. Something, which is out of the league in Punjabi cinema. It deserves a watch at least
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