Review : lackings, weak script & other flaws in movie Baaz -Babbu Mann

 Chandigarh,Friday 14 November : ‘Babbu Mann’s latest released  movie ‘Baaz’ is based on the style of corrupt system and functioning of honest police officers.
Through this film was trying to tell the police, leader and bullies are met. This trio of drugs by the youth of Punjab laying a trap intentional conspiracy is being wasted. Before it, movie  ‘Yodha’ had also tried to show through, but their lackings, weak script and such other flaws in the minds of visitors to this movie could not place. The same shortcomings are also part of this film. Despite Punjabi music industry’s biggest names Babbu Maan comes on the screen as an actor loses his influence. This was not the first time, but his many movies have the same fate. Of course, fans of Babbu Mann is a large square. But this class is not sufficient to meet the cost of the manufacturer. These two films out of the context of a question that comes out is ; whether  Punjabi audience does not see the film or director pulse of spectators still not able to apprehend? For the full year, the Punjabi film industry has become a year of ‘unsuccessful and flop movies’. Apart from “Punjab 1984 ”and’ Just like “Goreyan Nu Dfa Karo” movie any other Punjabi film did not meet its cost. Earnings are too far.
Those films flop in English are a veritable who’s who of the music and movie industry. (A list of films released this year can be seen) in this whole drama has suffered losses largest producer. Anyone have any satisfaction or business, large business places on their earnings as a Punjabi film. Imagine, how many in the last 2 or three years more than one producer whose film is formed. There is many such directors who is given a second chance to make the movie? Punjabi films becoming a business tool? Punjabi films by means of entertainment of the audience could be a positive thing? These questions are made from the very first day of the questions. According to my understanding over confidence and originality than to repeat his name being served at the biggest reasons.

review of movie Baaz -Babbu Mann

Moving to Babbu Mann’s latest  ‘Baaz’ movie, the film director in this movie tried to Sturdy Babbu Mann as Salman Khan from the perspective of movie “Dabang”‘.

However Babbu Mann is a fundamental identity. Babbu Mann and director taking great artist could create a difference. Heroes in film hero and has been used in hundreds of movies to see ghasia formula. The hero and heroine in the first fight and love in the second scence often happens in a marriage? There are many examples in the film are reducing interest. Not a single bomb Mann, the film cannot run, must have a solid and fresh script. It’s just not only a resultant from of Babbu Mann’s film but also the majority of films released before are following the same. Punjabi films resource category, which is not terribly foolish you serving before them, they will take. These are the same audience who watch Bollywood films and Hollywood films are regular viewers. Wisdom cannot be spectators. If this happens, it is not a film flop.

 Why audience should will go with such too common and non sensible film for the sake of cost of Rs 2 or 3 at cinemas?

The issue is not that artists like Babbu Mann are not altered. The problem is it that we are not good scripts for them, is the lack of qualified directors. Our passionate people too. Group began to assert themselves and set minutes. Showing off and hollow power within us is sunk today. Stomach to tolerate criticism is still our film industry is very low. Overnight is not a movie. Takes several months to reach a cinema film. Who spend crores of rupees? But it ultimately produces pollen. However, this question is to take seriously the injection of any comment on the additional arguments or false claims. We hope that people learn from their mistakes and create prosperous future.

Review by :- Sapan Manchanda

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