Release of the Nanak Shah Fakir: Modi Sarkar deeply hurt Sikh sensitivities

Amritsar 18 April 2015: Dal Khalsa yesterday  lashed out at Modi Sarkar for allowing the controversial movie Nanak Shah Fakir to be released despite serious objections raised by the community. The organization said India has once again shown utter disregard and indifference towards Sikh sensitivities further enraging the Sikhs.

Dal Khalsa spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh said since the last three weeks they have been urging and appealing through letters, memo’s and street protests to the President, the Home Minister and the Information and broadcasting minister to see the reason and ban the movie Nanak Shah Fakir but all have failed the Sikhs. Ironically, the voice of reason has fallen into deaf ears. “It has reminded the Sikhs that whenever there was a challenge to Sikh fundamentals and belief system, the Indian state has always stood with challenger”.

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