Punjabup Films is now Media Partner of Green ThinkerZ

Punjabup Films is the Organization which represents social and cultural Portrait of the Punjab. Their main motive is to create movies on social, political, historical and religious issues. Various operational areas of Punjabup Films are movie reviews, News, Articles, etc. Now, Punjabup Films is Media Partner of Green ThinkerZ, an initiative on Social Cause “Environmental Sustainability” with inspiration from Sikh History and Sikh Gurus.

“Green ThinkerZ” is a group of researchers (going to register soon as a society) from India, China and Australia continuously working in the field of Environmental Sustainability to create awareness around the globe by promoting Green Technologies and other Renewable Energy Resources with a dream to create Technical and Eco-friendly world. Other fields of interest are E-waste, Electromagnetic Pollution. Green ThinkerZ’s main motive is to promote Sustainability, so that, what we are enjoying today, our future generations will enjoy the same.
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