Punjabi Song ‘Murh Aawe Bhindrawala’ By Babbu Robin ||Lyrics: Richi Singh

Mohali 27 May 2015: First of all, this song is tribute to Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale. This song is against evil. we are not targeting any religion, this is a war against evil. An evil which is making our youngsters week, giving them drugs. If we will change our thinking, then Sant Bhindrawale will be here with us.We should support this song and its whole team. Richi Singh.

Dharam Seva Records – A Non Profit Label.

Artist – Babbu Robin || Nimma Brar Landeke || Richi Singh ||Feat Saurav
Video – Virsa Photo Art Gallery Moga
Label – Dharam Seva Records

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