Punjabi Movie ‘Sant Te Sipahi’ Official Trailer Released (Video)

Chandigarh 22 may 2015: Makers of an upcoming Punjabi movie “Sant Te Sipahi” have maintained that India’s Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has asked them to removes ‘original video clips’ of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

According to filmmakers Jasbir Sangha and Sukhwant Dhadda the CBFC has asked them to remove certain clips which show original recording of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Film-makers have announced to avail ‘legal options’ against CBFC’s “arbitrary attitude” directing cuts in their film.

Sudden rise on movies related to trauma of 1984: Sadda Haq was first such film focusing on post-1984 events in Punjab. The movie was a massive box-office success. The success of Sadda Haq attracted attention of Punjabi film-makers, particularly the makers of low to moderate budget movies. It seems as if the trauma of 1984 is being treated by film-makers as box-office formula.

Producer: As per information on movie’s website, the film is produced by businessman Jasbir Sangha. The website introduces the producer as: “Jasbir S. Sangha is from the state of Punjab in India. He was born in the village, Jandu Singha, near Jalandhar city. He has been living in Southern California for 35 years. From the beginning he had a business perspective, he is a fast food franchisee in the LA area. Along with being business minded, he had a dream to be a part of the media to pursue his artistic visions. Jasir S. Sangha formed White Cloud Movies Inc. in Southern California”.

Director: This film is directed by Sukhwant Daddha. The website of Sant Te Sipahi movie introduces the producer as: “Director Producer Sukhwant Dhadda has been in the movie making business for 35 years. Produced and Directed Ten feature films both in Hindi and Punjabi . His Debut film “Ek Chaddar maili Si” is considered a classic. Now Based in US he has formed a Production company “White Cloud Movies” with Jasbir S Sangha. The movie “Sant Te Sipahi” Directed by him is being produced under banner “White Cloud Movies”.”

Proposed release date: No release date is announced for the movie. The website of the movie says the film is set for release in June 2015.

Sikh circles and Indian Intelligence – both concerned over flood of movie: Where as certain Sikh circles are concerned about week directional and artistic aspects of these movies, Indian intelligence agencies, on the other hand, are also concerned over any possible impact of these movies on Sikh youth. In a recent report, (according to media reports), the Intelligence Bureau (IB) raised alarm over these movies with the Ministry of Home Affairs noting that most of these movies are ‘portraying Sikh militants as saviours of the Sikh community’.

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