Punjabi dancer Shubhpreet Kaur, husband trade charges of torture,fraud

“I gave a performance on a leg and showed this world that people like me are no less than normal people but after marriage i was addressed as crippled. Daily i heard the words which hated the most.” These are the words of Subhreet Kaur, who stood third in the “India’s got talent”.She blamed her husband Yash Chopra, for fraudulent marriage and took amount in lakhs. Shubreet who belongs to village Jhoonda told that few months ago Yash, who owns a gym in mohali, contacted for marrige.

Shubhreet Kaur

He told that his parents are in England. On 5 june,2014 Shubreet got married to Yash in one of Malerkotla’s palace. Shubreet’s mother told that they spent 4 lacs on marriage and gave 10 lacs as cash.After marriage,Yash took Shubhreet to a rented house at Mohali.After 3 days of marriage, she came to knew that Yash’s parents stay at Chandigarh. Yash then introduced his parents to Shubhreet and his parents inquired about Shubhreet’s property and how much she earns from reality shows and who will get the share from property. Shubhret was stunned to hear all this. Shubhreet even disclosed that Yash has withdrawn 1.5 lac from her ATM and then demanded 6 lacs. On 22 July, he abused and insulted her. This case went to Mohali Police where a written agreement was signed but Yash is on run.

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