Punjab Frame & Green ThinkerZ Released Short Film “Satkaar”

Mohali 27 Oct 2016: Short Film “Satkaar” – An Initiative by Green ThinkerZ and Punjab Frame to showcase the importance of Elders (Parents & Grandparents) in our life. The Story is reflected through a “Tree” which nurtures us like our “Parents & Grandparents” by making numerous sacrifices to uplift us throughout our life.

“Satkaar” raises a question whether we give the respect to our elders which they truly deserve or NOT.

Chahal Production: A Punjab Frame & Green ThinkerZ Film
Starring: Parag, Hemant Rajveer, Param, Tanvir
Edited by: HMC
Production Designer: Sahil
Director of Photography: Harmanmeet Chahal
Music by: Kamal
Executive Director: Green ThinkerZ
Written by: Hemant Rajveer
Directed by: Kamalpreet

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