Punjab entertainment world shortly releasing its telephone directory

Punjab entertainment world going to expand its boundaries. its is made by entertainment journalist and criticizer Sapan Manchanda. Punjab music and film industry is at its peak now. keeping in mind the necessity and prior desire of Punjab entertainment wold famous film journalist Sapan Manchanda prepared this telephone directory. this “Green World” pollywood telephone directory will be shortly release in a seminar.

Sapan Manchanda directory

Mr. Sapan Manchanda told that he tried to so.this task last year also but this time its prepared on a bigger level. it consists of 300 colored pages regarding entertainment world containing more than 5000 people’s phone number, e mail id and also contain information about actors, directors, producers, singers, lyrics writers, musicians, light man, production controller, music studios, models and other workers along with information about India’s famous dance and acting schools and traveling department. Mr. sapan manchanda told us that it took 6 months for him to prepare this dictionary. this dictionary will be shortly release by “wist on Tree” company of Mumbai.

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