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Punjab 1984, It’s a movie based on militant movement of Punjab. It is a story of a young man. Trailer of the movie reminds the horrible scenes of the movement. Many producers are taking interest in stories related to 1984 Sikh holocaust. But there are hardly some movies which present the true picture of the Sikh militant or freedom movement.
Most of the movies are made for commercial profits, producers have nothing to do with the story. Facts and Sikh Principles are distorted in the movies and Sikh struggle is presented in wrong manner.
Punjab 1984
Now, ‘Punjab 1984’ is another movie going to release. Diljit Dosanjh is playing leading role in the movie. Time will tell that how much the story and direction of the movie is based on the truth. We are waiting to watch how much the movie is in favor of the ‘government’ and how much is in favor of truth. We can make judgements from trailer but we hope that this movie will not ruin our expectations.

Punjab 1984

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