Protest in Birmingham by Sikh community against movie ‘Nanak shah Fakir’

London/ Birmingham 21 April 2015: In yet another set-back for the makers of Nanak Shah Fakir movie the Cinema halls showing the controversial film in England have decided to drop the film. The makers of ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’ had arrogantly ignored the voices of concern against release of the controversial movie and the movie as released on April 17. But the Punjab government and Chandigarh administration had banned the screening of the movie before it’s release under pressure from the Sikh sangat.
Screening of Nanak Shah Fakir film was yesterday stopped in UK. The screening was stopped in wake of strongprotests by the Sikh community against the controversial film, which attempts to portray Guru Nanak Ji, Bhai Mardana Ji and Bibi Nanaki Ji. It may be recalled here that portrayal of Sikh Gurus or their families is against established Sikh tenets.

It is notable that UK was the only country in Europe where the movie was being screened in some cities. UK Sikhs were opposing the screening of the movie and held protests outside cinema halls in Slough and Birmingham. Moreover the movie had failed to evoke any response from the audience.

A news reported in a prominent Punjabi vernacular ‘Ajit’ also notes that Cinema Halls in UK have stopped the screening of Nanak Shah Fakir movie. These cinema halls have also removed posters of the movie.

Meanwhile Harinder Sikka, maker of the Nanak Shah Fakir movie, reportedly approached Sikh personalities and representatives of various organisations opposing the movie and offered to hold a special screening of the movie for them. The offer was reportedly turned down by the concerns persons, who reasserted that any sort of portrayal of Sikh Gurus in films was against Sikh tenets.

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