Proper Patola movie name is big slap on women society


"Proper Patola " movie is a big slap on the mouth of women society

In Punjabi theater we are going to the extent where Bollywood had already reached.A Punjabi movie ‘Proper Patola’ is supposed to release November 28, 2014.This movie is a big slap on the mouth of women society as its name suggests ‘Proper Patola’.As we don’t know the story of this movie but as its name represents,we can estimate that this film is showing a girl as ‘mere object’.As Patola word is used for ‘girl waging’ also making fun of women society.As already we have seen that Punjabi singers like Jazzy B and Honey Singh and many more had already apologized for sanging songs in vulgar language and they also promised never to bring such stuff again.Now when the films like ‘Proper Patola’ is going to release, then we can not even imagine for a safe and respectful women society.
Now a days girl is nothing, as she has become a mere object walking on ramp that leads to earn much more in this way.As we can see nowadays the more leading companies always select a girl for advertising their products.So what exactly message these upcoming movies like ‘proper Patola’ are conveying to our society.So its my humble request to all Director,Producer ,Actor and Promoters of this movie to stop using a girl as an object for a bit pennies.

"Proper Patola " movie is a big slap on the mouth of women society
Also we can say that this is a man’s world, but it would be nothing, nothing without a woman so we should equally respect a girl too.I am also requesting to all my sisters in the theater world who are feeling themselves comfortable  for the title like ‘Proper Patola’ as they should oppose to work with these titles  for their own respect ,only then women society will get respect in this world that will also stop mis-happenings done on daily basis with women.As recently on PTC  News it has already been said that it should totally ban to visit in  colleges  and all educational institutes for promotion of movies.Now thoughtless and culprit  people will surely say that this is a mere entertainment but actually this is not , as you can realise this thing by implementing words like ‘Proper Patola’ on your sisters and mothers then could you say it an entertainment?

So all men and women  should come forward to totally boycott these vulgar songs and movies as these titles are just blot on the fair name of our society. Let’s come forward and show right path to coming generation like rising sun.

Article by : Maninder Jeet Kaur , Views expressed by writer are her own.

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