Poetry On Movie Tittle Proper Patola

A Punjabi movie titled ‘Proper Patola is a blot in itself on the civilized society because of it’s name. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s teachings tell us to respect the woman but these guys like Neeru Bajwa degenerating every woman’s worth with their own. Girls themselves should raise strong voice against such kind of vulgar titles or songs to teach them lesson.

Poetry On Proper Patola Movie By Rajbeer Kaur

This Proper Patola word is a big slap on the mouth of women society. Now thoughtless and culprit  people will surely say that this is a mere entertainment but actually this is not , as you can realise this thing by implementing words like ‘Proper Patola’ on your sisters and mothers then could you say it an entertainment?

Poetry by : Rajbir Kaur  , Views expressed by writer are her own.

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