Panj Teer Records Released Award Wining Movies | Example & Kaur

Chandigarh 15 Feb 2015: Panj Teer Records Presents Award Wining Movies SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival 2015-2014.Directed By Pardeep Singh, DOP: Daas Sarbjeet Singh.

EXAMPLE: The story of the film is based on the real events. We often meet people who are living a bad lifestyle by following the bad examples as their guide for life and we rarely meet people who are not only following the good examples, but are also implying those in their real lives as well.

Our characters of the film are based on such people from Sikh family who choose their lifestyle by following the pious examples; such as turban, kadda and more symbols associated with the Sikh Religion.

KAUR: In first case, i “a scared girl ” from recent thoughts awaiting for someone who came up and protect me and my dignity from the world of eye teasers but now …. after so long time i am blessed with the pride of my father’s learning’s i.e Guru Gobind Singh who makes me as much stronger that i can face every challenge at every phase in any situation at any cost . I am not dependent on others to save me, to protect me .. because i m princes of universe’s kingdom ruler “Dashmesh Pita” that is it, this is me
.. a kaur ..
A power
A courage

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